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Cindy Trajcevski, Owner & Artist

Cindy Trajcevski is a first generation immigrant of Macedonia, Former Republic of Yugoslavia, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Her passion for art came at a very young age, always drawing and doodling on her school folders and books. After graduating from Gahanna Lincoln High School in 1999, she put her artistic talent in the cosmetology industry, becoming an Esthetician/Make-Up Artist and a Hair Stylist.

Cindy’s husband Ivo is also from Macedonia, born in Bitola, raised in Columbus, Ohio. They met at a Big Fat Macedonian wedding, where they fell in love. They are the proud parents of two beautiful little girls, Sofija and Mila, their precious princesses.

Cindy started painting every Disney princess she could think of on canvas and displayed them on the walls of their girls’ bedrooms. That’s when it all made sense to her…this was the true passion she had been looking for all along.

As family and friends saw her paintings come to life, when they asked if she could paint something for their kids, or paint a favorite princess for a sick little girl in the hospital, Cindy was only happy to oblige. She not only loved to paint, she found the experience therapeutic and so very rewarding to see other people happy to receive her paintings.  Soon people were asking her to show them how to paint and small group gatherings were held in their homes for a fun painting party.

When the opportunity presented itself, and with her husband’s full support and blessing, the Trajcevski’s became the proud owners of The pARTy Studio, an amazing private studio in Olde Worthington with a wall of windows, vaulted ceilings and a spacious courtyard where the lives of children and adults alike can be enriched by the beauty of art.

Please join us for a fun night out for adults, book a private party, kids camp for children and experience the arts.


We look forward to cultivating art in the lives of children and providing a fun night out for adults.


Our Teriffic Staff:

Cindy Trajcevski, Owner/Artist

   Tamie Rietenbach, Artist



Assistant, Cole Rietenbach

Artist/Assistant, Emelia Douglas 

Artist/Assistant, Miranda Damante

Artist Jeane Swemba 







   the pARTy studio     

  679-B High St. Worthington, OH  43085